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Why do machines where Deep Freeze manages the Windows Update process not show an accurate status for what updates have been downloaded and installed in the Update history?

Deep Freeze versions 7.5 and higher manage Windows Updates outside of the Windows Update applet that is shown in the control panel, and as such updates downloaded and installed by the Deep Freeze software will not be listed in the list of Installed Updates displayed in the update history of the control panel applet or reflected in the last time that updates where checked on a system. Updates will be displayed in the Add/Remove Programs dialog and detailed logging on the update process that Deep Freeze runs can be found in the following file:


(32bit systems)

C:\Program Files\Faronics\Deep Freeze\Install C-0\DFWuLogfile.log

(64bit systems)

C:\Program Files (x86)\Faronics\Deep Freeze\Install C-0\DFWuLogfile.log


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