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Faronics Insight & Use with Proxy Servers


Customers running proxy servers may experience difficulty in using Faronics Insight in their environment. These issues may present as a number of different behaviors, including, but not limited to;


  • Problems with the Insight Student connecting to the Insight Connector or Insight Teacher
  • Problems with the student thumbnails not properly updating and showing a blank screen.
  • Problems with the student devices showing a black screen while attempting remote control.



Insight makes use of web-based protocols to transfer data between the various components installed in the customers’ network. As this traffic is web-based a proxy server, depending on configuration may interfere with the communication between the installed components.



To resolve this issue users will need to configure the client devices running the Insight software to bypass the proxy server when communicating with the Insight Teacher, or Insight Connector (if configured). This can be done as per the instructions below;


  1. Open the Control Panel
  2. Click on Network and Internet
  3. Click on Internet Options
  4. Click on the Connections tab in the Internet Properties window.
  5. Click on LAN Settings at the bottom of the Connections tab.
  6. Click on the Advanced button in the Proxy Server options.
  7. In the Exceptions, list enter either the IP address or Hostname for your Insight Connector, or Insight Teacher Console.
  8. Click Ok to close the proxy settings, LAN Settings, and Internet Properties.


After making this change the student device should now be able to report to the Insight Teacher and communicate with it properly.


In situations where a proxy server is deployed it is recommended that customers implement an Insight Connector with a fixed IP address so that the proxy settings do not have to be updated in the event that the IP address assigned to the Insight teacher is changed.

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