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Insight 7.7 Released

Insight 7.7 has been released and is now available from all the usual locations.

The new key elements of this release are:

Insight Tech Console

  • Android Student Support
  • New Insight Connection Server, client-server model for improved support in VLAN & Wireless environments.
  • Expanded iOS Teacher Assistant with Remote Control Students and Remote Control Teacher.
  • Expanded iOS Student capabilities with receive “Show Teacher”, “Show Student”, Draw on Screen, iOS web browser with Limit web and web history reporting.
  • Improved Inventory Scanner for Windows to leverage native WMI.
  • Insight default startup view now thumbnails.Added ability to pass KIOSK mode into Terminal Server Teachers.
  • Improved student state detection in teacher consoles.Insight Teacher Consoles can communicate on high port (11796) for operating systems that can not listen on lower privileged port (796).
  • Increased the data limit log for keystroke and application logging from 500KB to 1MB

In addition to the legion of new features, 22 issues were resolved.

Detailed release notes can be found at:

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