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Insight Chromebook Student installation

This document is specific to Insight 9.0 and is maintained here for legacy purposes. Documentation for Insight 11 can be found here;


  •          Your Chromebook must be up to date, ChromeOS 33 or higher is required.
  •          The option to enable screen capture support in ChromeOS must be enabled.
  •          An Insight Connection Server is required.

Manual Software Installation:

(Note:  If you are using the Google Admin Console to manage Google Apps for Business or Google Apps for Education, you can skip to the “Google Admin Console” section)

  • Log into your Chromebook.
  • Once you are logged in, click on the  “apps” icon
  • Then click on the “store” icon. 
  • In the Google Web Store, search for “Insight”.    You should see two applications listed: Insight Student and the Insight Web Helper extension.  Both will need to be installed.
  • If you can't find the application in the store, you can go directly to it by entering the following URL: 
    Chrome Web Store - Insight Student
    Chrome Web Store - Insight Web Helper 
  • This will take you to the Chrome student installation page.  
  • On the installation page, click the “+ FREE” button to begin the installation process.
  • This will bring up a dialog asking if you want to install “Insight Student”.  If you agree to the permissions it uses, click the “Add” button to begin the install.   It will take a few minutes to download.  Once it's complete you should see the apps list showing the Insight student icon. 
  • On most installations, the Insight student will start automatically once it's finished installing, if it does not, clicking on the icon in the apps window will start it.   Once it's loaded, you should see the Insight icon in your task tray.   

    Important: If you enabled the getUserMedia feature described above, you will be greeted with a message that says “Do you want Insight Student to share your screen”.   This is a security feature of Chrome and will only be asked once each time the student starts up. Selecting “Yes” will allow thumbnails of the Student screen to be sent to the Teacher. Selecting “No” will disable the thumbnail feature.   If you select “yes”, you will then be given a small window that bottom left that says “Insight Student is sharing your screen”.  Clicking on the “x” in this window will safely dismiss the window without affecting the functionality of the student.

  • Installation of the Web Helper extension is similar to the Student. 
  • Searching the Chrome Web Store for “Insight” should bring up the “Insight Web Helper” extension.  If you can't find it, open Chrome to the following URL:  

    Chrome Web Store - Insight Student
    Chrome Web Store - Insight Web Helper

  • This will take you to the install page for the Web Helper.  Click the “+ FREE” button to being the install.  
  • When given the “Confirm new extension” dialog, click “Add”.
  • When the install is complete you should see a window pop up that says “Insight Web Helper has been added to Chrome”.
  • Insight Student for Chrome is now installed. You should now proceed with the software configuration.

Software configuration:

The Insight Student for Chrome needs to be configured to communicate with an Insight Connection service before it will appear on the Teacher console.   To perform this configuration step, you will need to know the IP address or network name and the connection port of the Connection service. Typically the port will be 8080, but if your network admin has configured it differently you will need to know.

 To configure the Student, click the student icon to bring up the menu and click on the “Preferences” option in the menu.

 When the preferences window opens, you will be able to configure the following:

  •          Device ID – This is coded into the app and will be unique for each installation.  This cannot be changed.
  •          Device Name – This is the name of the device on which this software has been installed.  This is how the device is identified on the Teacher's console.  This can be configured for each installation and can be changed by the teacher.
  •          Student Name – this is the name of the student as it appears on the Teachers console.
  •          *Connection service host – This is required and must be set to the network address of the connection service.
  •          *Connection service port – This is required and must be set to the port that has been configured on the connection service host.


Once you have completed the configuration, click the “Save” button to save your changes.   (Please keep in mind that if you ever un-install the Student software, all settings will be lost and must be re-entered if you re-install the software later.

Once your settings have saved, the Student software should begin communicating with the Connection Service.  If you have a Teacher Console already configured to use the Connection Service then the Student should appear within a minute or two.   If it does not appear within a minute or two, try refreshing the teachers display.  (Note: you can refresh the teachers console by pressing <F5> )

Google Admin Console

The Insight Student and the Insight Web Helper extension can be installed automatically for Chromebooks managed by the Google Admin Console for Enterprise or Google Admin Console for Education.  The following steps outline the basic procedures for configuring the Admin Console to do this.

  • Log into your Google Admin Console using an administrator account.
  • From your Dashboard, click on the “Device Management” icon; then click on the “Chrome” link.
  • In the Device Settings window, click “User Settings” and make sure the correct organization is selected on the “User Settings” window.
  • Scroll down to the “Pre-installed Apps and Extension” section and click on the “Manage pre-installed apps” link.
  • When the “Pre-installed Apps and Extensions” window pops up, click on the “Chrome Web Store” button and type “Insight” in the search bar.
  • You should see the Insight Student and Insight Web Helper extensions listed.  Click the “add” link next to both applications.   It should move to the “Total to pre-install” list.
  • When you've selected each app to install, click the “Save” button at the bottom of the window.
  • You should now be back at the “User Settings” page.   When you're done here, you need to click the “Save changes” to ensure your modifications are saved.
  • The next time your managed chrome devices are synchronized with the management console, those changes should appear.  

    Typically each device will try to synchronize each time a user logs in however if left alone, the devices can take up to several hours to sync up depending on how you've configured the policy in the Management Console.   You can manually force an update on each device by typing “chrome://policy” in the browser navigation pane, and clicking the “reload policies” button.  Note: It can take several minutes for the policy to synchronize, for the applications to download, install and start up.

Additional Software Notes

Web Limiting and Chrome “Incognito” mode – The Web Helper Extension MUST have the “allow in incognito” option checked on the “chrome://extensions” page to limit or prevent the use of “incognito” windows when web limiting is in effect.

Screen Sharing – Due to Chrome security settings, the user will be prompted each time they log in to allow “Insight Student screen sharing” if the option for "Full Screen" Screen sharing is selected.   This affects the teacher’s ability to see thumbnails on the Insight Teacher console if the students to not allow the teacher to view the screen, to avoid this select the option to share the "Active Browser Tab" instead.

Log Out / Lock – Unlike most other platforms, Chrome extensions are installed on a per-user basis.   This means that if a student logs out of the Chromebook the Student application is unloaded.   This means that the device will become unavailable to the Teacher console until a user logs back into the device.  

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