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Why do workstations still show in the old console when I take control of them from a new one?

The normal sequence of events when a workstation is moved to a new console is as follows;

  1. The workstation status on the new console is set to "Joining from other console"
  2. The workstation status on the old console is set to "Left for new console"
  3. The workstation status on the new server is set to "Joined from other console"

During this process, the behavior that is shown may be different depending on if the two instances of Faronics Core are sharing the same database or working from separate databases.

If the two servers share a common database, then:

  1. Unexpected handshaking events may be visible as the "Last Agent Event" on connected Consoles.  This is because all Consoles will see the handshaking events intended for both servers. 
  2. A workstation that has been handed over to another server will disappear from the Console attached to the original server.  If the discovered workstations are refreshed, then this workstation will be rediscovered.

If the two servers have separate databases, then:

  1. Connected Consoles will see only the expected events as the "Last Agent Event".
  2. A workstation that has been handed over to another server will remain visible in the Console, as follows:
    1. [Core 3.31]The workstation will have a Last Agent Event of "Workstation left for another console" and will be treated as a pseudo-managed workstation (similar to workstations with last event "Agent uninstalled"). This will result in the original Core Console not being able to take ownership of the workstation again. To work around this the workstation will need to be removed from the database and re-discovered to allow the Core Server to take Ownership again. 
    2. [Core 3.32] The workstation will be treated as unmanaged, and appear as unmanaged in the Console.
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