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Creating an image with RECIMAGE fails with error 0x80070001


Running a command line tool, recimg.exe, to configure a custom recovery image for Windows to use when you refresh your computer, an error code 0x80070001 appears in the middle of creating a snapshot.


When running recimg.exe with Faronics Core Agent or Deep Freeze with ThawSpaces enabled, the following error occurs:

T:\>recimg /createimage t:\custom_image
Source OS location:  C:
Recovery image path: t:\custom_image\CustomRefresh.wim
Creating recovery image. Press [ESC] to cancel.
Creating snapshot
The recovery image cannot be written.
Error Code - 0x80070001


When ThawSpaces or Faronics Core Agent is installed, Windows tries to back up the actual ThawSpace DSK file but it is locked by Deep Freeze.

Resolution / Workaround

Recimg.exe is not compatible with Faronics Core Agent or ThawSpaces. Two workarounds exist for this:

  1. Use an imaging tool that backs up the image while the system is not online, using either a PXE boot or USB/CD boot disk.
  2. Do not install Deep Freeze / Faronics Core Agent as part of the image, but install it as part of a post-imaging task.
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