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Thawspaces / Storage Spaces will not mount on Windows machines running the Boot Camp Drivers


On Apple workstations running Microsoft Windows through Boot Camp the Storage Space / ThawSpaces may not mount on the system in a timely manner.


During an update to the Boot Camp drivers Apple included some changes to allow workstations running Windows to read a native OSX formated partition. These changes have introduced a problem in mounting our ThawSpace virtual volumes on systems running the Boot Camp drivers. This problem may present as either:

  • A delay in mounting the Storage Space / ThawSpace
  • The Storage Space / ThawSpace never mounting on the workstation.
In either event the issue can have a number of repercussions for the users depending on what products are being used.
  • For customers running a copy of Deep Freeze the data stored in the ThawSpace may not become available when required for the system to boot up properly. This will most commonly be an issue if the customer has mapped software or data such as user profiles or antivirus updates into a storage space. The actual impact will depend on what data is mapped to the ThawSpace.
  • For customers running Deep Freeze and any other Faronics product that makes use of a Storage Space (Power Save, Anti-Executable, WINSelect, Antivirus) the software may not install on the target workstation. If it does install, either through being imaged in place or other means, the software may not retain configuration settings or definition updates on the workstations, and portions of the product may not properly function as the configuration information does not exist.

This issue can be worked around either by removing the Boot Camp drivers from the system or not using any Faronics product that uses a Storage Space or ThawSpace for data retention. If removing the Boot Camp drivers the users should ensure that they have appropriate chipset, network, video, and sound drivers for the system to ensure that it operates properly once the Boot Camp drivers are removed.

Diagnostic Information

This issue can be confirmed by checking the Add/Remove programs group for a entry for Apple's Boot Camp drivers.

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