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How do I save my data when using Deep Freeze Windows

Profiles and folder data on a Windows workstation can be retained even with Deep Freeze installed when redirected onto a Thawed area.

To retain data, you will first need to ensure that you have a location that is not protected by Deep Freeze where the user's data can be saved. This location can be either a ThawSpace created by Deep Freeze or a physical partition that is not Frozen by Deep Freeze.

Creating a Thawed location for user data.

From the 'Drives' tab of the Deep Freeze Configuration Administrator Deep Freeze can be configured to set specific volumes as Thawed by clearing the check box beside the drive letter that you want to thaw. It is not recommended to set the system volume (C:\ in most cases) as thawed. If a second partition is not available a ThawSpace can be created to act as a virtual partition to save data.

To create a ThawSpace, open the Configuration Administrator and click on the Drives tab while creating your workstation install package. To create a ThawSpace select the drive letter, size, and host drive that you want to use and click the Add button in the ThawSpace section of the drives tab. Once created in the Configuration Administrator the workstation install file must be saved and then deployed to the client workstations. Once installed the ThawSpace will show up as a lettered volume in My Computer.

Please ensure that the size of your ThawSpace does not exceed the amount of free disk space on your host drive and is also configured to have enough free disk space for your redirected data.

Mapping the user to the thawed location.

Once you have created a thawed location user profiles can be mapped.

Faronics Data Igloo can be used to redirect profiles into Thawed locations.

To redirect a user profile that already exists:

  1. Ensure that the user profile you would like to redirect does not have any resources which are used and locked.
  2. Login to the workstation with administrative rights.
  3. From Data Igloo's 'User Profile Redirection' tab, select the user which you would like to redirect and select the 'Custom Location' option from within the 'User Profile Location' area.
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