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How do I save my data when using Deep Freeze Mac

Users in Deep Freeze Mac can be moved to a Thawed location to allow users to save data in the user's home folder. This process can be done through the Deep Freeze Mac product directly and does not require any 3rd party tools.

To move the user's home folder you will first need to ensure that you have a location that is not protected by Deep Freeze where the user's data can be saved. This location can be either a ThawSpace created by Deep Freeze, a Thawed physical partition, or a second hard disk.

Creating a thawed location for user data.

To create a ThawSpace open the Deep Freeze UI by right-clicking on the Icon in the notification area on the toolbar, or by running the DFXControl application from the Applications/Faronics folder. Once you have logged in click on the ThawSpace tab and click on the + button on the bottom left to add a ThawSpace.

If you are mapping users it is recommended to use a user-specific ThawSpace for each user that you are mapping. To add a user ThawSpace select the user in the Add ThawSpace dialog, set the size of the ThawSpace, and click OK. Once created the ThawSpace will be shown in the ThawSpace list as shown below.

Please note that you will need administrative rights on the local machine to create a ThawSpace.

To set a physical volume to be thawed click on the Drives tab, this will show a list of the physical volumes on the computer. To Thaw a specific volume clear the check box from the Frozen drive and click Apply.

Mapping the user to the thawed location.

Once you have created a thawed location you can now map the user's home folder to this new location. To do so click on the Mapping tab in the DFXControl application to view a list of users on the local system who can be mapped.

To map a user to a new location click on the user account that you want to map and select the new location for the users home folder on the User Location drop-down. If you only want to move a portion of the users home folder select the Custom option in the User Location drop-down and then select the items that you want to map, and the location for each in the area below the User Location drop-down.

Clicking on Apply will save your changes and the users home folder will be moved to the specified location.

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