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Deep Freeze fails to install showing a "Windows Protected your PC" message when it fails.


When trying to install Deep Freeze on Windows 8, you receive a “Windows protected your PC” message.


You have downloaded Deep Freeze beta and before installation, you receive a message:


Microsoft has added SmartScreen starting with Windows 8.  When downloading Deep Freeze from the Internet using your browser, the SmartScreen filter checks to see if other people have downloaded the same file as well.  If so, there is a rating for the file based on its popularity and whether it was considered malicious. When new releases of Deep Freeze are sent out to the public they may be caught by the SmartScreen filter until enough installed copies have been evaluated by SmartScreen.

Resolution / Workaround

Two workarounds:

  1. Click More info in the Windows protected your PC notification and choose Run anyway.  This will run the Deep Freeze installer.
  2. Go to the Deep Freeze file properties (right click->properties) and click on Unblock in the General tab to unblock the SmartScreen security.  Next, click on the Deep Freeze installer to install Deep Freeze.
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