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How do encryption utilities work on a Deep Freeze (Windows) environment

Full disk encryption utilities are often transparent and generally will work with Deep Freeze without an issue.
We do not recommend using file-based encryption utilities as their misconfiguration may restrict a resource which Deep Freeze needs to properly function.

When planning a Deep Freeze deployment onto systems, we recommend that Deep Freeze is installed first and then changes, such as software installations are applied.
If the Deep Freeze installation or the workstation is unstable after the installation of the encryption utility, installing the encryption utility and then installing Deep Freeze on the client system may provide better results.

The following utilities have been tested with Deep Freeze:

  • TrueCrypt
  • SecureDoc (from WinMagic)
  • SafeBoot (from McAfee)
  • SafeGuard (from Sophos)
  • PGP (from PGP)
  • PointSec (from PointSec)


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