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How can I provide people with a console that can only perform specific actions to manage Deep Freeze?

It is possible to generate a limited console that does not have the full feature set of the Enterprise Console using the Console Customizer that ships with Deep Freeze Enterprise. The Console Customizer lets you specify which features and commands you want to be available in the Console, and save the result as a new Console that can be distributed in your organization. 

The process to create a customized console follows the steps below:

  1. From the Enterprise Console Select Tools-->Console Customizer.
  2. The Console Customizer is displayed. The console customizer lists the features of the Enterprise Console in categories that contain similar features.
  3. Select the features to be displayed in the new Console.
  4. Click Save As to save the new Enterprise Console. Specify a name for the file that is unique to this new console.
  5. Copy the new .exe file to the users computer. This file can be stored in any location, however we recommend against placing it directly on the users desktop.
  6. When you double-click the newly created .exe file, the Console with the limited functionality is launched.


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