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Faronics Antivirus Update - 4.32

We recently released a hotfix of Faronics Anti-Virus that requires attention.

This Faronics Anti-Virus upgrade is required before updating Windows 10 to 21H2 when it is released.

This incompatibility surfaced due to changes introduced in Windows 10 21H2, which modified the interaction between our existing code and the operating system. Please ensure you upgrade your Faronics Anti-Virus to avoid a bluescreen once the machine is updated to Windows 10 21H2.

How to upgrade:

On-Premise: download the latest version from Faronics Labs.

Deep Freeze Cloud: Click on the "Upgrade Services" action under the Computers page or ensure the "Automatically upgrade installed services if update is available." option is enabled in the applied policy (under Maintenance Period). Login to console.

Faronics Deploy: Navigate to the Deploy Diagnostics page under Analytics and click on the Update Components action. Login to console.

Should you need any assistance with the upgrade process, please email us at

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