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Problems with downloading installers from Deep Freeze Cloud

** UPDATE 10:07AM Pacific Time January 17, 2019 **

We have pushed a updated cloud agent installer to the service to address this download, some customers running Windows 7 that are not running the most current updates may still see issues downloading. To ensure that this issue is resolved please download the latest updates to Windows on the affected machines.

We have had a couple of reports of customers having issues downloading installers from Deep Freeze cloud using the latest builds of Chrome and Firefox. Our development team is aware of the issue and is working on addressing this issue. Our developers have verified that this is happening due to a change in behavior in the latest versions of the browsers and is not due to any change in the Deep Freeze Cloud platform.

Despite the warning in the browser the installer packages that are currently online are safe to use, and we will update them shortly to address the message being displayed.

While we are working to address this issue please use an alternative browser such as Microsoft Edge to access the installation packages or alternatively you can click on the option to "Keep dangerous file" on the chrome://downloads page if you do not have an alternate browser to access the site with.
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