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Deep Freeze 8.5 Upgrades from older versions.

We have been made aware of a few instances where customers upgrading from older versions of Deep Freeze to the 8.5 release of the software can run into issues with the client system. These behaviours can appear as;
  • Loss of an existing ThawSpace on the client machine.
  • Problems with performing an offline activation on the client system.
  • Issues with retaining the event logs in the 8.5 release of the software.
While this error is very rare we are recommending that customers avoid the upgrade feature in the Enterprise Console for the time being and update the software by performing an uninstall (leaving the workstation seed) and a reinstall of the 8.5 release from the enterprise console.

If you require assistance in performing this update please reach out to the support team and we will be happy to assist you further. We are planning on releasing an updated build to resolve this issue shortly and will update this document when the update is live on our Faronics Labs / Customer Center portals.
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