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Windows 10 and Deep Freeze

As the release of Windows 10 draws near we want to provide updates on the status of the compatibility of the products with the updated operating system.

As Microsoft has not provide the release build ahead of the launch to the public we are still in the process of performing QA checks against this updated OS and we will be releasing updated builds of the products shortly to address any outstanding issues that we find.

Currently Deep Freeze is not officially supported on Windows 10, if you are going to install (at your own risk) please ensure that you are using the latest version of the software (8.23). If you are installing the Windows 10 upgrade on a machine that has Deep Freeze installed we would recommend removing the software prior to performing the upgrade.

As always you should ensure that you backup and important data and that the update is tested on non-critical systems first.

As we finish out testing and such we will post updates on the portal here.



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