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Deep Freeze 7.71 released.

Faronics is happy to announce the release of Deep Freeze 7.71. This is a point release to address a number of serious issues that were reported in the 7.70 release listed below:


  • 7500 Resolved an issue where sysprep assigns a drive letter to Deep Freeze Mounted folders (for example, StorageSpace, SoftwareDistribution, and FAVEData).
  • 7766 Resolved an issue where Deep Freeze installed incorrectly on Session 0.
  • 7795 Resolved an issue where Deep Freeze service reported an invalid current state 0 in the Windows Event Log. (Case No: YOC-456-50071)
  • 7818 Resolved an issue where Deep Freeze Configuration Administrator or Deep Freeze Client allowed setting the port to 0.
  • 7907 Resolved an issue where Deep Freeze Administrator failed to launch on 64-bit systems with SQL Server installed.
  • 8143 Resolved an issue where Deep Freeze server service disconnected or crashed. (Case No: DOU-628-50853)
  • 8375 Resolved an issue where the network traffic running very high in LAN mode when workstation attempted to connect to the server service. (Case No: GAH-226-25558)
  • 8600 Resolved an issue where ThawSpace created with Deep Freeze 6.2 and below disappears when upgrading to a version 7.5 or higher. (Case No: FYH-634-60552)


Faronics recommends any customers running 7.70 upgrade to 7.71 at their earliest convenience. The updated version can be downloaded directly here:

More detail on the release, including a list of known issues can be found here:


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