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Proxy Server Support in Deep Freeze 8.32


This document describes the design aspects and usage of Proxy Server configuration in Deep Freeze Enterprise versions 8.32 onwards.

1.   Introduction

Starting from version 8.32 Deep Freeze Enterprise has introduced the support of Proxy Server setup for network environments, where Internet communication goes through Web Proxy Server. Those Deep Freeze features, which require communication with Faronics Web resources, will be able to handle Proxy Server. It affects only communication Deep Freeze to the Web, while communication between Deep Freeze Console and client is not affected by Proxy settings and will always use direct connection over LAN/WAN.

Deep Freeze supports Forwarding (local) Proxy Server setup as well as Public Proxy Servers.


2.   Proxy Server Configuration in Deep Freeze Enterprise Console 

Proxy Server Configuration in Deep Freeze Enterprise Console is configured in Tools->Network Configuration->Proxy Server. Deep Freeze will explicitly use those settings disregarding Proxy settings, which may be configured in system’s LAN configuration (Internet Options settings).

When the Proxy Server is configured in Deep Freeze Console, following features of the Console will use Proxy configuration:

  • -       License Online Activation
  • -       Cloud Connector
  • -       Announcements
  • -       Check for Updates

License auto-activation is supported by Console’s Server Service, where the Server Service will use Proxy setting configured in its local Console. For remote Console setup, where Console and Server Service are running on different computers, it still requires to setup Proxy Server configuration using local Console on both computers.

When Proxy Server connection fails, Deep Freeze Console or Server Service will also attempt direct connection to Internet.

3.   Proxy Server Configuration in the Deep Freeze client

Unlike Deep Freeze Console, the Deep Freeze client cannot be explicitly configured with Proxy settings and uses Proxy settings of local system’s LAN configuration (Internet Options settings). Console’s Proxy configuration does not take effect on connected clients.

Currently, the only feature of Deep Freeze client which may require Proxy configuration is online activation.

Manual online activation (initiated through Deep Freeze workstation UI) is maintained by user specific process, and therefore it will recognize either user-specific or system-specific LAN configuration, where system-specific LAN configuration takes precedence.

The system LAN configuration is stored in:

HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings


The user LAN configuration is configured in Internet Options of the current user and is stored in:

HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings


Auto-activation of Deep Freeze client is maintained by system process, and therefore will not recognize user-specific LAN configuration, but system-specific only.

When Proxy Server connection fails, Deep Freeze client will also attempt direct connection to Internet.







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