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Deep Freeze Failed to install with error 0x00000004, how can I resolve / avoid this?

This specific error indicates that the software installing Deep Freeze has had a problem with writing the configuration file to the hard disk. This can occur in a number of instances:

  • Antivirus protection is interfering with the installation of the software, in some cases disabling the antivirus software and its real-time protection can resolve this issue.
  • The installer is unable to write to the root of the system drive (C:\) due to:
    • Lack of disk space.
    • Inadequate permissions on the local disk.
    • The user installing the software does not have full administrative rights.
  • Any type of disk-related errors (bad sectors, lost clusters, etc.)
  • A corrupted install file.

To resolve the issue ensure that your antivirus software is disabled, that you have enough disk space on the drive, and that the installation is being done with an account that has full admin rights on the computer. If the problem persists check the disk for errors and re-download the Faronics Deep Freeze installer.

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