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Windows updates not installing on Deep Freeze computers

Some Deep Freeze customers have recently reported an issue with installing Windows Updates on Windows computers that have the Windows Update Caching feature enabled.

Our team is looking into the issue and has engaged with Microsoft to work towards a resolution for this issue. At this time if you are having issues with installing Windows Updates and you have the option to cache the Windows Updates enabled, we recommend that this feature be disabled to allow the updates to properly install on your devices until a fix is implemented.

If you are seeing this issue and would like to be updated as we progress towards a resolution, please open a support ticket with us via email to

If you require assistance in implementing the workaround on your client devices, please let us know and we will be happy to provide further assistance as needed.

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  1. Tyson Dickert

    Any update on this issue? We are looking to upgrade Windows 10 endpoints to 11 via WSUS approval but so far, in our testing with a handful of production endpoints that have a DF config with the 10GB reserved update space, we are encountering the 0x8024200d error which indicates that the update/upgrade was not downloaded successfully.