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Faronics Software & Windows 10

We have had a number of people asking us about our plans for supporting Windows 10 when it’s released, mainly concerned that we will have a version that will support Windows 10 in time for the launch on July 29th.

At this time we are doing QA checks and bug fixes on the previews that have been released however until we get the final copy of Windows 10 (commonly called the RTM version) we cannot be sure that there are not last second changes that may impact our software. As such we are not providing a firm release date at this time.

If Microsoft supplies its partners with the RTM version of Windows 10 ahead of the July 29th launch we will be getting that into the lab and working with that as soon as we can. The results of that testing will determine if we have any outstanding issues that need to be resolved or if we are good to release, but we can’t really start until we get the RTM version of the software.

For customers who have a valid maintenance agreement with us you will be able to download the updated version of any of your licensed products through our Faronics Labs portal once we get the updated build posted. If your maintenance has lapsed you will need to put you in touch with a member of our team to discuss options to renew that maintenance agreement and get access to the update when it’s released.

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