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Urgent Notification - Issue found in AE 4.1 Release

Dear Customers,

I apologize for the additional news post this afternoon (and to those of you receiving multiple copies, we are looking into why that is happening) however our QA team has informed us that an issue has been found in the newly released AE 4.1.

This issue will only affect systems that have multiple network cards installed and can result in the loss of control of the Anti-Executable product. If you have not yet updated to the latest version please wait until we can release an updated build of the software to resolve this issue. If you have updated and are having issues please contact the support team at 800-943-6422 x 1 (604-637-3333 x 1 for international customers) and we can assist in restoring control of the software for you.

Please reference issue #QID-691-32634 when you call so that the rep's can find the solution quickly.

Again, I apologize for the inconvenience (and multiple emails) and we will update you all again once the bugfix is released.



As of April 20th we have resolved this issue with a updated build of Anti-Executable, version 4.11.

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