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Problems with Symantec AV Detecting Deep Freeze

We have had a number of reports this morning that Symantec's family of AV software is flagging some of the components of Deep Freeze as being infected. This currently is being investigated and we have submitted clean copies of these files to Symantec for review. If you are able we reccomend pausing your Symantec updates until such time as a updated version of the defintions that does not flag our products is supplied.

While this won't be an issue if the system is frozen, if the files are quarintened while the computer is thawed this can cause a number of issues - if you are running into issues with the maintnance windows not ending or machines getting "stuck" while thawed please reach out to the support team at 800-943-6422 x1 and we will see what we can do to assist you with this issue.


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