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Installing applications using Dropbox and Faronics Deploy / Deep Freeze Cloud

Faronics Deploy and Deep Freeze cloud both provide the ability to download and install applications on managed systems. These applications can be hosted in several locations, including Dropbox.

Applications hosted on Dropbox will need to have a public link generated for them to allow the files to be accessed without logging into the Dropbox account hosting them. Once generated these files will have a link associated with them that looks like the one below;

This link, when accessed, will take you to a landing page with a download link, however, Faronics Deploy and Deep Freeze Cloud are expecting a direct download of the file and will fail to deploy the application if the link is used in this way.

To use the generated link with Faronics Deploy or Deep Freeze Cloud you will need to modify the link as below;

Changing the dl=0 to dl=1 will allow for the file to be immediately downloaded without seeing the landing page. 

Details on creating the initial link for the Dropbox link can be found on the Dropbox help site linked below;

Choose files or drag and drop files
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