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Compatability of WINSelect and Office 365

WINSelect does not officially support it's use with Office 365 and customers may experence some issues when using Office 365 on machines running WINSelect.

When using Office 365 on a workstation protected by WINSelect the users will need to ensure that the Network Restriction options in the product are disabled. Leaving the network restrictions enabled can result in a number of errors including a error message stating "Cannot Display the Web Page" when attempting to access the applications. Office 365 makes use of a large number of different URL's and servers on the internet to function. At this time adding those servers into the WINSelect Network Restrictions does not always ensure that appropriate servers are accessible. To ensure that the Office 365 applications can run properly Network Restrictions will have to be disabled in the WINSelect configuration.

Customers may notice issues printing when running Office 365 and WINSelect on the same workstation.

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