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How can I consolidate my reports when I have more than one Core Server?


This document will detail the process for rolling up reports from multiple Faronics Core Servers to a single Faronics Core Console.


This document will detail the process of connecting an existing Faronics Core Console to multiple Faronics Core Servers for purposes of pulling consolidated reports from Faronics Core. This allows administrators to generate reports across a large number of servers without having to manually consolidate the report data in a single location first.


  1. Launch the Faronics Core Console.
  2. Right click on the root of the MMC Snapin tree on the left hand side and select “Connect to server”
  3. Enter the conection details for your Faronics Core Server and connect.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for each server that you want to report on from.
  5. Once all Core Servers are connected to your console right click on the Reports node in the MMC Snapin tree on the left hand side and select “Generate Report”. The menu will expand to show what reports can be generated. Select the report to be generated.
  6. In the Generate Multi Server Report dialog that is displayed select the servers that the report is to be run against and click OK.
  7. Follow the prompts to name the report and select the appropriate date range for the report to be run. Once completed click on OK.
  8. Your report will be displayed in under the reports node once completed.
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