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OSX Yosemite Public Beta & Deep Freeze Support

As many of our customers are aware Apple has recently released a beta version of OS X Yosemite for public download and trial.

At this time the currently released versions of Deep Freeze do not yet support installation on OS X Yosemite and will block themselves from being installed to avoid issues on the system.

If you have Deep Freeze installed and then you subsequently upgrade to Yosemite with Deep Freeze is installed the Deep Freeze product will not properly function as it appears that the current beta of the demo converts the disks on the system into a Core Storage volume during the installation process. This results in Deep Freeze being unable to read its configuration file and will result in the Deep Freeze icon being replaced by a question mark in the menu bar.

Once we have a version of Deep Freeze that can support installation on OS X Yosemite notification will be posted on the support portal. 

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