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How can I clear the message history in the Teacher Console?

This document is specific to Insight 9.0 and is maintained here for legacy purposes. Documentation for Insight 11 can be found here;

When a Teacher sends a message to student(s), the message is saved as a cache so that Teacher can re-use the message again, and hence save time.
The message is stored in the registry key for the particular user and thus if a Teacher logs off and another Teacher logs on to the machine, the Messages will not be displayed.
For clearing the Messages in the Teacher Console, it has to be done from the registry section. The registry key in question are as follows.
For Insight Teacher Console - HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Insight\RecentTextMessages
For Insight Tech Console - HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Insight Tech Console\RecentTextMessages
Open the "RecentTextMessages" string by double clicking on it or by right clicking and choosing "Modify".
From the "Value Data" table, you can see the messages sent by Teacher. Choose the messages and delete them by pressing the Delete key.
Once the Registry Key is modified, close the registry and the Messages from Teacher will be erased.
Please ensure that you have elevated rights in order to access Registry.
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