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Using Process Explorer to find application dependencies in WINSelect


This document will describe the process of finding what application dependencies are required to allow a given application to function properly in the WINSelect Kiosk.


When attempting to run an application via the WINSelect Kiosk you may encounter errors indicating that the application that you are trying to run is not an authorized application. This can happen when an application has a launcher or some dependency that runs as part of the application startup process. If during this process the application launcher attempts to run an application that is not authorized in the Kiosk configuration the application may display error messages or fail to run completely.

In cases where a product launcher is running and being used to launch child processes on the device, those child processes may have to be added to the WINSelect Kiosk as a hidden application so that they will be able to run without being blocked by WINSelect.


To find a list of all the child process that an application launches a 3rd party tool from Sysinternals can be used to view the details of a running process.

This tool can be downloaded from Microsoft Here;

Once running the Process Explorer will show a list of the processes running on the client device and you can observe the specific files that would need to be added to the list of authorized applications in WINSelect. In the example below you can see that the application that supports the scanner on the machine runs several applications during operation;

Once you have the name of the file and the full path it will need to be added to the WINSelect Kiosk as a hidden application. This will prevent the application from being listed in the Kiosk, but will still allow the application to be run when called by other applications;

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