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Deep Freeze Mac 5.7

Deep Freeze Mac 5.7 adds the ability to run script during a scheduled maintenance.This new feature requires us to update the schedule data, and to maintain compatibility with previous versions, the update is performed when you upgrade from previous version of Deep Freeze Mac.

  • Maintenance schedules with duplicate names will be renamed (appended with “ 01”, “ 02”, etc.), such that each schedule will have a unique name.
  • Maintenance schedules with blank names will be given default name “Schedule”. If there are more than one schedule with blank name, the new names will be “Schedule 01”, “Schedule 02”, etc.
  • Conflicting maintenance schedules will be set to disabled. A schedule is considered in conflict with another, when the start time is less than 10 minutes of another, or if the time overlaps with another.
  • If a schedule is set to warn user longer that 999 minutes before the maintenance starts, the warning time will be set to 999 minutes.
  • The addSchedule and editSchedule ARD Tasks will be updated to use the new syntax to specify the script file. If these commands have custom message to warn the users, it will be replaced with the default message.


Please note that Deep Freeze Mac 5.7 is currently in Beta. If you are interested in the beta version you can request access here:
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