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What is the difference between the cloud and on-premise versions of Data Igloo

Currently, there are two different versions of Data Igloo, one managed through the Deep Freeze Cloud and the second managed directly on the client's device.

The significant difference between the two products is in how they are intended to be managed. 

The cloud-based product is intended to be managed with a policy setting through the Deep Freeze Cloud, and as such does not have the ability to validate what users are present on the remote machine prior to the installation of the software on the device. As such when mapping users with Data Igloo Cloud all users will be mapped to the thawed location.

The locally managed version of the software will display a list of users allowing for only specific users to be moved.

Either version of Data Igloo can be used on systems running the Deep Freeze Cloud agent, however, care should be taken so that both versions of Data Igoo are not installed on the same system.

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