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Faronics Anti-Executable and upgrading to Windows 10 Anniversary Edition
Posted by Adam Zilliax on 12 September 2016 02:03 PM

In testing Faronics has found that the installation of the Anniversary Update on machines running Anti-Executable can result in a workstations being unable to be accessed once the upgrade process is complete.

The upgrade process results in a number of key pieces of information that control the install of Anti-Executable not being properly preserved. In this case the most common outcome is that the workstation will no longer respond to keyboard or mouse input resulting in a computer that cannot be used.

Faronics Recommends that Anti-Executable be uninstalled prior to performing the upgrade to the Anniversary edition of Windows 10.

In the event that you have a workstation that has been upgraded you should be able to access the system via remote access tools to remove Ant-Executable from the system to restore access. Once access is restored Anti-Executable can be reinstalled on client machines running the Anniversary edition without issue.

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