Deep Freeze 8.0 - Current Status
Posted by Adam Zilliax on 30 December 2013 04:23 PM

Over the holiday break a number of customers where emailed credentials for a updated version of Deep Freeze (Version 8.0). Unfortunity due to some unforeseen issues that have been encountered with a data migration process on our end we have had to withdraw the 8.0 release of Deep Freeze and revert back to the previously released Deep Freeze 7.72 while those issues are being addressed.

This was not an easy decision for our product teams and in the end the decision to withdraw the release was done to minimize the disruption to our customers while we work to resolve the problems.

If you have already installed the Deep Freeze 8.0 release there is no specific need to worry, the issues surrounded our integration of the product with the Deep Freeze on Demand functionality of Deep Freeze Cloud and some of our back end systems. The locally installed copies of Deep Freeze 8.0 will not have any problems and can continue to be used without worry. We have however blocked further activations of the product from being approved so if you have additional installations to perform you will need to install Deep Freeze 7.72.

At this point our customer licenses in Faronics Labs should be back online, and the download links should now all reflect the 7.72 release of the software. If you require assistance in rolling Deep Freeze 8.0 back to 7.72 please do not hesitate to reach out to the support team at

Again I apologize for the inconvenience that this has caused and thank you for your patience while we work through resolving these issues.


Best Regards,

Adam Zilliax

Manager, Technical Support