Faronics is happy to announce a number of new product releases.

First up is a release of Insight 7.51. This is a maintenance release with no new features. Several issues have been resolved, including;

  • Problems where the web blocking feature would block access to all sites with HTTPS.
  • Resolved issues that prevented web blocking from working with Firefox.
  • Resolved issues with the Voting feature on the teacher console.
  • Resolved a potential issue that could cause Internet Explorer to

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Deep Freeze 7.21 released.
Posted by Adam Zilliax on 21 March 2011 10:32 AM

Faronics is happy to announce Deep Freeze 7.21 has been released. This is a maintinance release that does not introduce any new features but does resolve a number of issues found in previous releases.

Issues Resolved:

  • An issue was resolved that could in some instances result in a BSOD when logging off of a protected workstation.
  • An issue was resolved that could prevent the keyboard shortcuts in the Boot Control window from working properly.
  • Resolved an issue that would result in a crash

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