Faronics Antivirus & Deep Freeze issues.
Posted by Adam Zilliax on 26 March 2020 11:31 AM

Recently Faronics Anti-Virus accidentally flagged the Deep Freeze service causing the product to become unresponsive. While this issue has now been addressed in the latest definitions we have added exceptions to our Cloud-based customer’s policies as an additional step to help prevent this issue from occurring in the future.

Customers who are using our Deep Freeze

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Faronics & COVID-19
Posted by Adam Zilliax on 18 March 2020 09:45 AM

Like most organizations, Faronics is impacted by the situation developing due to the COVID-19 virus that is currently spreading across the globe.

In order to ensure the safety of our staff members and the communities that we live in we have activated a number of measures over the last two weeks to allow our staff members to work from home to ensure that we are doing our part in helping to slow the spread of

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Insight 8.00.3284.8000 Now Available
Posted by Adam Zilliax on 06 March 2020 12:44 PM

We've just released a new version of Insight that incorporates the following enhancements. 

Mac Updates

  • Added support for macOS 10.15 (Catalina). Apple added additional system security requirements into Catalina that were affecting certain features of Insight.

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Deep Freeze Cloud will no longer support Windows XP from April 1st, 2020
Posted by Adam Zilliax on 05 February 2020 12:15 PM

Microsoft officially ended Windows XP support in 2014, and, it is now time for Faronics to officially drop support for Windows XP.

Our official cut off date will be April 1st, 2020. On this date the following will occur;

  • Systems running Windows XP that have the Deep Freeze Cloud Agent installed will stop communicating with Deep Freeze Cloud.
  • Systems running Windows XP will no longer be

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Issues running Adobe After Affects on macOS Catalina with Deep Freeze
Posted by Adam Zilliax on 21 January 2020 10:33 AM

Faronics has been made aware of reports of difficulties in running Adobe After Effects on systems running macOS Catalina and Deep Freeze 7.2. This issue presents itself as a failure of the Adobe product to launch with an error message indicating “After Effects can’t continue: unexpected failure during application startup”.

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We just wanted to remind customers that the Faronics Antivirus 4.21 was released and it contains a update that is required for customers to continue to get updated definition files on their workstations.

We previously posted about this here;

If you have questions on the update process

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