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How can I deploy my Faronics Product using 3rd party tools?
Posted by Adam Zilliax, Last modified by Adam Zilliax on 30 December 2021 01:33 PM

This document is specific to Insight 9.0 and is maintained here for legacy purposes. Documentation for Insight 11 can be found here;

Faronics products are designed to be deployed using their own native tools. We do provide a set of options that can push an install to workstations using 3rd party tools. Any tool that can run commands remotely on a workstation is capable of deploying Faronics products.

For products that package the client software as an MSI file the following syntax can be used to push the MSI file silently:

msiexec /i [path to file] /qr

Deep Freeze packages client files as EXE files and as such requires a different command line syntax to perform an unattended install, as shown below:

[path to file]\DfWKS.exe /INSTALL

Please note:

  • The standard editions of Faronics Products do not have a full set of command line controls and will require additional steps to configure the product once installed.
  • Data Igloo does not support unattended installation or configuration.
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