Configuring Insight to use a Specific NIC
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This document is specific to Insight 9.0 and is maintained here for legacy purposes. Documentation for Insight 11 can be found here;

On the teacher or student machine, you can edit a registry key to specify the IP Subnet to use.

32-Bit Windows

64-Bit Windows
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\ SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node \Insight\IPSubnetMask

If these value are not already present, you will have to create them with RegEdit.exe. "Edit -> New -> String Value" will allow for the creation of new values. These need to be of type "REG_SZ".

If you wished Insight to use the NIC assigned to the subnet, you would edit the IPSubnet to “” and the IPSubnetMask to “”. After inserting the proper values with RegEdit, the computer will need to be rebooted before these values will take effect.

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