Configuring Deep Freeze Cloud for SSO with Microsoft Azure
Posted by Adam Zilliax on 17 November 2020 04:26 PM


This document will detail the process to configure the Deep Freeze Cloud so that users can log into the Deep Freeze Cloud site using credentials from Azure as an identity provider.


This document assumes that the person configuring Deep Freeze Cloud is familiar with Azure and has already configured the appropriate user credentials in their environment and that they have signed up for a Deep Freeze Cloud Account.

Configuration Process

  1. Log into your Azure Portal
  2. Navigate to the Azure Active Directory and select the Tennant that you are going to configure with the Deep Freeze Cloud is selected.
  3. In the Action pane on the left, click Enterprise Applications under Manage.
  4. Click 'New Application.'
  5. On the next screen, click 'Create your own application'.
  6. Specify a name for the application. Select the option to 'Integrate any other application you don't find in the gallery' and click Create.
    Once the application is added, Azure will load the Application Overview page.
  7. On the Application Overview screen, click on 'Setup single sign on' under Getting Started.
  8. On the Single Sign-on screen, click on SAML.
  9. On the SAML-based Sign-on screen, Edit the User Attributes & Claims to remove existing Claims and Add the Claims below:
  10. Under SAML Signing Certificate click Add a Certificate.
  11. On the SAML Signing Certificate screen, click New Certificate, specify the Notification Email Address and click Save.
  12. Once the certificate changes are saved, make the certificate Active.