Deep Freeze & Avast Antivirus
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You must follow this instruction set for DeepFreeze to not create clones in your Avast for Business portal.

You will need a thawed space, approximately 5GB (it can be smaller, but 5GB is a safe size).

You will need a program called Data Igloo from Faronics (

If Avast is already installed, please run the avastclear.exe ( to remove all traces of Avast.


  1. Boot into the thawed state and BEFORE installing Avast:
  2. Install Data Igloo (enable hidden folders to be viewed from Windows folder options)
  3. Manually create the folder (C:\ProgramData\AVAST Software)
  4. In Data Igloo, redirect the created folder (C:\ProgramData\AVAST Software) to a thawed space/folder.
  5. If you wish to install Avast to the default location (C:\Program Files\AVAST Software) you will need to create and redirect that folder to a thawed space as well.
  6. The folders will need to be manually created BEFORE installing Avast, due to Data Igloo not being able to redirect a folder with content.
  7. Install Avast for Business, either into a thawed space or if you redirected the default folder leave the installation as automatic.
  8. After install, wait for Avast to initiate a reboot prompt and ensure you’re rebooting into thawed to fully complete the installation.
  9. After the Avast prompted reboot, you can freeze the machine and upon reboot it should not clone and should also update correctly.


You can prepare a new HDD image by installing Avast with this command, run it from the location of your install file (after setting up the folder redirections):

avast_business_antivirus_setup.exe /cust_ini:"c:\CustomInstallation.ini" /silent

The (C:\custominstallation.ini) should direct to the location of the CustomInstallation.ini that is attached and is attached to this article.


If you are experiencing a BSOD issue after following the above instructions you may either disable hardware VT in your BIOS or complete the following:

  1. Verify the device is booted into a thawed state.
  2. Copy the attached InstallGroups.ini to:
    "c:\ProgramData\AVAST Software\Avast\log"
  3. From an admin cmd prompt run:
    "c:\Program Files\AVAST Software\Avast\setup\instup.exe" /instop:change


Program version updates will need to be done manually in thawed state.

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