What Port numbers and Host-names are used by Deep Freeze Cloud?
Posted by Adam Zilliax, Last modified by Adam Zilliax on 30 January 2019 08:43 AM

Deep Freeze Cloud makes use of a number of ports and urls for communication between clients and the Cloud Services. In general port 443 must be open to outbound traffic to allow for the Deep Freeze cloud service to function.

The Deep Freeze Product also makes use of a number of other ports on the local network for some of the optional components, these ports will need to be open on the local network to allow these features to function properly:

  • 7725 - Deep Freeze Cloud Relay (Used for the Deep Freeze on Demand features).
  • 3256 - Antivirus Relay Service (Used for the distribution of antivirus definitions locally on the network).

Administrators will further need to ensure that the following domains are whitelisted against to ensure that they are accessible;

  • http://*.deepfreeze.com
  • https://*.deepfreeze.com
  • http://*.faronics.com
  • https://*.faronics.com
  • http://*.faronicslabs.com
  • https://*.faronicslabs.com
  • https://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/
  • https://connector.deepfreeze.com
  • https://www.campusaffairs.com
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