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Some settings may be retained on a Windows 8 workstation running Deep Freeze
Posted by Adam Zilliax on 11 December 2012 10:58 AM


On some workstations running Windows 8 settings are changed, and retained on a frozen computer.



Windows 8 introduced the ability for a user to sync portions of their user profiles to a cloud based storage associated with their Microsoft ID. This allows settings like desktop preferences, passwords, language preferences, and some browser settings to be copied between multiple computers and kept in sync. These settings as they are stored in the cloud and copied to the workstation on logon may look like they are surviving a reboot on a machine protected by Deep Freeze.

This considered a feature, and while some settings will sync they will be removed until the user logs into the workstation again.



The sync function of Windows 8 can be disabled by using Group Policy by editing the following keys:

Computer Configuration / Administrative Templates / Windows Components

  • Do not sync app settings
  • Do not sync passwords
  • Do not sync desktop personalization
  • Do not sync personalize
  • Do not sync
  • Do not sync on metered connections
  • Do not sync browser settings
  • Do not sync other Windows settings
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