How Do I start Troubleshooting Windows Updates during maintinance.
Posted by on 05 March 2012 08:53 AM

If workstaitons are not performing Windows Updates when expected the first thing to ensure is that workstations are powered up and in a Frozen state prior to hte start of the maintinance window. If workstations are not online or are in a Thawed state they will not enter the maintinance mode and updates may not run.

If workstations are in a Frozen state and are powered on at the appropriate time and still do not enter the maintinance mode, or will not run updates the configuration of the workstation install packages need to be checked to ensure that the workstations are proprely configured to enter a maintinance period. If the confugration appears to be valid the next step will be to reinstall Deep Freeze with the logging of Windows Updates enabled.

To enable this logging open your configuration file in the Deep Freeze Configuration Adminsitrator and click on the Maintinance tab, once visible enter the location of a file on the local machine where you want to log the update status in the Logfile Path field in the Windows Update portion of the Maintinance Tab. This file need not exist on the local system prior to installing Deep Freeze. Once reinstalled the updates status will be logged in the file that you specify, if no errors are immediately apparent in the log file please contact Technical Support for further assistance.

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