Upgrade of Core Agent Fails when pushed via GPO with a status of "User Canceled Installation"
Posted by Adam Zilliax on 12 October 2011 08:23 AM

When upgrading Faronics Core agent vai GPO you may encounter an error where the installation fails with a status of "User Canceled Installation" shown in the event logs. This occurs when a password is set on the install of the Faronics Core Agent and this password is not specified as part of the upgrade process.

To update the software an MST file needs to be created that will supply the password for the install as part of the GPO push. To create a MST file you will need to download the ORCA tool from the Microsoft website and follow the instructions below.

  1. Create FCA installer through FCC connection and save it in a shared location
  2. Open ORCA and drag and drop the FCA installer file created in the previous step
  3. Go to "Transform > New Transform"Select "Property" on the left paneGo to "Tables > Add Row..."Add the following:        
    Property: PASSWORD        
    Value: <password>

    *** <password> is the password currently used in core agent installed on the workstation.
  4. Then, scroll down the right pane and check the new row is added properly
  5. Go to "Transform > Generate Transform..."Enter the filename: <myTransform>.mstClose ORCA
  6. Right-click your GPO and select "Edit"Go to Computer Configuration > Software Settings > New > Package...
  7. Select a newer version of MSI file (FCA installer) through Network accessible path (e.g. \\qa017\Workgroup\me\FCAmyVersion.msi)
  8. From "Deploy Software" window, select "Advanced"
  9. Select "Modifications" tab and "Add..." to add MST file created in step [5] above

Refresh the window to see the newer version of MSI file is added to GPO

Also check the GPO Settings and see "Assigned Applications" and "Transforms" under "Advanced" are pointing to the correct MSI and MST files respectively.

Reboot the target machines

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