How do I update Deep Freeze Enterprise to the latest version?
Posted by Adam Zilliax on 21 April 2011 02:12 PM
Provided that you are running a recent version of Deep Freeze newer than 6.3 the update procedure is as listed below. If you are running an older version of Deep Freeze, or are running Deep Freeze Professional please contact the support team for assistance in updating. 

Please note that this process requires the customization code to be known, if you do not have your customization code do not proceed with the upgrade process.

Updating the installed copy of Deep Freeze consists of two steps:

  • Step 1 – Update the administrative tools.
  • Step 2 – Update the client workstations.

Step 1 Updating the administrative tools.

The first step in getting the new version installed is to update the administrative tools. To do this there are two options, the first is an attended installation that users can step through by simply running the installation file downloaded from the Faronics website.

This first method updates the Configuration Administrator and the Enterprise Console but will not update any previously created installation packages or configuration files (RDX files) to the newer version. These files will need to be opened and re-saved from the updated configuration administrator to complete the upgrade process.

The second method is to run the install package downloaded from the web with the following command line switches:

<Path to File>\DFEnt.EXE /update=”customizationcode” dfupdate.log

This command will automatically install the updated Configuration Administrator and Enterprise Console and will update the workstation installation files located in the default Install Programs folder to the latest version.

The “customizationcode” is the customization code used during the original installation of the Deep Freeze product. If this code is not available the update cannot proceed. It is recommended that the Customization Code be placed within quotes when running the command to ensure that any special characters are not missed when running the update.


Step 2 Updating the client workstations. 

Once the Configuration Administrator and the Enterprise Console are updated the next step is to push an updated version of the Deep Freeze client software to the workstations.

There are two ways to update the workstations; the recommended method is to use the Update Deep Freeze action in the Deep Freeze Enterprise Console. When workstations are selected and the Update Deep Freeze icon is clicked the users will be prompted for an installation package, administrators should select any updated installation package and click ok. This will push an updated installation to the workstation without changing the configuration of the client workstations.

If the configuration needs to be changed on the client workstations, or the workstations are running an older version of the client software the recommended process for updating the client workstations is to:

  1. Thaw the workstation.
  2. Uninstall Deep Freeze, leaving the workstation seed.
  3. Install the updated Deep Freeze client.

This general process is the same if the update is performed using the Deep Freeze Enterprise Console, or Faronics Core. Please note that either update process will reboot the computer a total of three times during the upgrade.

More detailed instructions on the individual steps can be found in the Deep Freeze User guide, and the Faronics Core user guide available on the Faronics website.

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