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Why are my workstations not appearing in the Enterprise Console?
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Below are some common reasons why workstations may fail to appear in the Deep Freeze Enterprise Console. 

  • The Deep Freeze Seed or Workstation Installation programs are not installed on the client workstation. Deep Freeze Enterprise will not display any workstation in the Enterprise Console until it has the Workstation Seed or the Full Deep Freeze Client installed.
  • The computers may have a local firewall blocking outbound communication. In some cases workstations may have either the firewall that ships with Windows enabled, or a 3rd party firewall enabled that is preventing the Deep Freeze Client from communicating with the Enterprise Console. Administrators will need to ensure that the appropriate ports are open to all traffic on the clients and the computers running the Enterprise Console.
  • The Network settings on the client workstations do not match those of the Enterprise Console. The port settings on the Enterprise Console and the workstations running Deep Freeze must be the same. In some cases the Enterprise Console may have more than one port configured to listen on, in that case make sure the clients are configured to talk to one of the ports that the Enterprise Console listens to.
  • The clients and the Enterprise Console may not be on the same subnet. If The clients and the Enterprise Console are on different subnets the clients will need to be configured in the LAN/WAN mode and will need to be told either the IP address or Hostname of the machine running the Enterprise Console. If the machine running the Enterprise Console cannot be reached via hostname the workstations will have to be configured with the IP address assigned to the machine.
  • The customization code assigned to the client and the Enterprise Console do not match. If this is the case workstations will not show in the Enterprise Console until reinstalled with a new copy of Deep Freeze with the appropriate Customization Code.


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